What to wear to class:  Comfortable clothes, like: a full skirt or yoga/pj pants, a tank top/t-shirt/bikini top/sports bra/etc. 

Belly dance is traditionally done with bare feet, but some people prefer to wear flexible, comfortable shoes. 


Most belly dancers like to wear a hip scarf with coins, fringe, etc.  If you don't already have one, ask your instructor! 

Please try to avoid purchasing a coin scarf from places like a beauty salon or Ebay--they are usually made in sweat shop factories in China and are of very poor quality.  A good-quality coin scarf should be considered an investment, take your time to find one that will last.



You might also want to bring a bottle of water, a notebook/pen, or a yoga mat. 


Ask your instructor if it is ok to bring a tape recorder or dvd camera, so you can review your lesson at home.


If your class is after work or school, it is helpful to pack a bag with your dance gear the night before, so you don't have to rush!


Belly dance requires energy: eat a healthy diet to honor your body and prepare for exercise. 


Keep in mind that belly dance can be as easy or as difficult as you would like it to be!  Someone who is fit and has previous dance experience will might pick up most movements comfortably, right away!  Someone who has been inactive or has had a recent illness or surgery can still participate and learn, but will probably find it takes a bit longer to master some of the more difficult moves.


Inform your instructor of your previous experience, health issues, and expectations, to help him or her focus on your needs! 


Many students ask if there is a mandatory recital at the end of Abida's class--no, there isn't!  For any students who do wish to perform, there are many opportunities available, but participation is optional, not mandatory.